Mortgage Broker in Frisco, Texas

First Rate Financial is a Mortgage Broker located in Frisco, Texas. Our goal is to achieve such a high level of satisfaction for our clients that we will receive repeat and referral business. We do NOT charge fees of any kind to handle your mortgage financing.

When looking for a home loan or beginning the process of refinancing a home, your first step is to undergo a pre-qualification process. Once pre-approved, there will be some other formalities
to go through as well. (processing paper work, checking credit, etc.)

It will be necessary to fill out a 1003 mortgage loan application completely. At the time of application, you may also be provided with a list of items that MUST be returned with your loan application. If these items are not turned in, this will delay getting your loan or losing your interest rate, if the processing period goes beyond quoted lock period. We will make sure to set an expectation of each milestone so the client will know when certain items are due.

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